Sunday, July 29, 2007


It was another lovely summer day: warm enough for white wine outside, cool enough for an arm swept around you, and hungry enough for the biggest sushi in town.
Gathering together friends, we met at 6:30pm at Saburo's in Sellwood, put our name on the list, and passed the time with a bottle of wine down the street. We were all sitting at a table outside, when we heard a little commotion. There was a momma duck and her 4 little tiny baby ducklings keeping close by her side. The patrons of nearby restaurants all stopped eating to try and funnel them down the sidewalk and not into the street.
The little birds scuttled through the mob outside of Saburo's, and hopefully into the park down the street. Tried to get a photo, but it was blurry.

The wait was a little long as usual, but with thoughts of the little ducklings, the wine, and the lovely company, the time passed quickly. We weren't seated until an hour later, but the food was more than worth it. The eel was the length of my whole hand! the yellowtail was so buttery and smooth, and the special rolls were so big we couldn't fit the whole thing into our mouths.

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