Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pancake, autoharp, violin, drums

What a night it was. The first thursday of July spread it's little art walk limbs into the streets, and they beckoned me out.

I set up a booth on 13th and Johnson, where they close off the street and artists and local apparel and jewelry designers set up and sell their wares.
The weather was a little blustery for July, my rack of clothing fell over more than once, smashing hangers and flinging little white embroidered dresses onto the dirty street, but no one was hurt, and I left with some newly earned money in my pocket.

The night progressed into dancing, and lovely people laughing.
I then met up with two dear friends, Scott and Nathan, and we drove back to Scott's house and he made us the most amazing pancake filled with blueberries the size of marbles!

It was the most memorable 3am pancake night i have ever had.

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