Saturday, July 21, 2007

lebanese dinner and new friends

This summer dropped many new things into my little lap. The best of them many new experiences and so many new and absolutely beautiful friends. A love interest brought me into this group of 10 women, all working in their own way on following their dreams, hearts, and bellies.

the love interest now a bit out of the picture, i was happily surprised when one of the ladies invited me to a summer soiree on their balcony in se Portland.
the day was beautifully lazy. sunbathing at the river, reading Pablo Neruda out loud on the beach, and then rushing back to town to change into a dress, have a quick cocktail with a friend, and then off to the party.
I was a litte nervous at first. the boy I liked, well, his ex girlfriend was going to be there. but when i walked into the cozy kitchen, everyone drinking Pastis, and smiling, i felt immediately comfortable.

The Dinner was happening because the ladies of the house were hosting a fantastic nomad artist couple. the husband is Lebanese, and the wife from the Czech Republic.
we feasted on homemade Labneh, flat bread with Zatar, and drank wine until we were all silly and they all asked me to play my autoharp.

you can hear me here:

We lounged on the balcony until 1am, in the still 100 degree heat of summer. I felt taken care of by the world, surrounded by new friends, stuffed!! full of amazing food, a little drunk, and completely where I wanted to be.


a parker said...

this drink looks very enticing.

Cedric said...

Oh wow, I could LIVE off's like arabic zen : simple and delicious.

Greetings from New York and