Friday, March 14, 2008

How we get through the day

Tradeshows can be long, boring and fruitless. I was working at my booth in the Cooper building during LA market, trying to sell my clothing line. but it was very slow in the Eco showroom we were in. I made friends with Mark, who co-designs an incredible collection out of San Fran called Turk and Taylor.

He was the best part of the week. and every morning he brought homemade bloody marys. yum! at the end he said: "making a new friend is better than writing 20 orders". well, yes to the heart in that.

After, Gretchen and I ate at a hipster Silverlake vietnamese place on sunset blvd. i have eated there a few times, and this time, we sat next to a guy that Gretchen went to college with in Colorado. small world.

Yum! Ginger!

Sushi in LA

After the night before cooking for many people, we decided to get sushi at a place in Silverlake that one of our friends recommended. unfortunately when we arrived they were done seating, so we got takeout.
every bite was so delicious and fresh!
another night of eating at the house on Portia st!

Sushi Love

A last minute party. 
Matia and I called people on Friday night and by Saturday we had 10 friends ready to eat lots of sushi. 
Pearl unfiltered Sake from a local producer, yummm. raw fish the color of smiling gums. 


Thursday, March 13, 2008

LA, the standard, and old friends

My friend Gretchen and I were staying in LA for the Fall fashion tradeshows. One night of our stay was sponsored by a showroom we sometimes work for. they paid for us to stay at the chic Standard hotel. this picture is Gretchen standing over the HUGE bathtub.

i tried to convince the concierge to give us the best room and he told us to go to the 7th floor. we walk into the room, and there is a man in his underwear on the phone! Oops!
we laugh and turn around as the concierge comes running up to us. he made a mistake. and he has our real room.
won't we come with him.
he takes us to the top floor. when we open the door we see this incredible bathroom, and she and I wish we were lovers just for the utter romantic possibilites in this place.

after a shower and change we head to Echo Park, to my good friend Zachary Leener's house.
he lives near an asian market where we somehow buy enough groceries for a 6 person dinner party for $20.
we decide to make Pad Thai and we we starving! My friend Nicholas, who i have known since highschool, and then again at art school at MICA in Baltimore now lives in LA with his wife Melody, who was my college roommate. they joined us for dinner.

Everytime i go to LA, i find myself cooking something delicious in this big kitchen in a large 1910's house. It has made my experience of the city that has so many labels, one of comfort and friendship and good food.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breitenbush hot springs late night meal

At Breitenbush Hot Springs, about 1.5 hours east of Salem, they serve organic vegetarian food in the dining hall daily. 3 meals. there is a bell that rings at 8am, noon, and 6pm. that is when you eat.
all you really do while there is eat, sleep, and soak in the healing hot springs.
this was the 1st time I ever went as an adult and stayed in a cabin. it was pretty romantic.
at the end of the last night we were there, after hours of soaking, eating dinner, napping, making out a little, we were hungry again.

and we ate cheese and sausage and drank some wine. it was great. it felt so decadent.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brunch at Navarre

go there and eat.
Navarre. 28th and NE Burnside. they also have a fixed price dinner which it totally reasonable.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

make up

I bought this beautiful and tasty organic tomato at the Alberta st. CO-OP. 
It was in the half off bin because of a tiny bit of bruising, the heart-shape tugged at the sentimentalist in me, and I wanted to make a sandwich with a little extra love. 

Friday, March 07, 2008

Jeevan and her Birthdays

Jeevan is one of my sweetest dearest friends. She sings and plays the Fender Rhodes in my band, Love Menu, and also has her own musical project:

One day many years ago we met in my car after a dinner party. we were listening to a mix tape i had made for my boyfriend at the time. I recorded a cover of "One too many Mornings" by bob dylan, and she asked me who it was singing. I told her it was me, and we decided at that moment to play music together.
Neither of us had ever played with anyone else before, unlike the boys and men we knew, who didn't bear their shyness like a heavy blanket.

Jeevan used to come over to my loft and we would drink tea and sing Leonard Cohen songs.
I was at her last 2 birthdays, and both times she had pink cakes.

did you do this on purpose you sweet tasty morsel, you?

Jeevan and I at her birthday last year at Holocene.

The first party was at local club Holocene, and I wore my blue favorite dress that always makes trouble. everytime I have worn it something either lifechanging, unbelieveable, or utterly memorable happens.
i could tell you all the times I wore it, but that is for another day.

These cupcakes are from this year, chocolate with little bits of coconut on them.
the party was at my boyfriend Matt's house. I had my last birthday at the house of a boy Jeevan was dating, and we thought it would be fun to trade....