Friday, March 14, 2008

How we get through the day

Tradeshows can be long, boring and fruitless. I was working at my booth in the Cooper building during LA market, trying to sell my clothing line. but it was very slow in the Eco showroom we were in. I made friends with Mark, who co-designs an incredible collection out of San Fran called Turk and Taylor.

He was the best part of the week. and every morning he brought homemade bloody marys. yum! at the end he said: "making a new friend is better than writing 20 orders". well, yes to the heart in that.

After, Gretchen and I ate at a hipster Silverlake vietnamese place on sunset blvd. i have eated there a few times, and this time, we sat next to a guy that Gretchen went to college with in Colorado. small world.

Yum! Ginger!

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