Thursday, March 13, 2008

LA, the standard, and old friends

My friend Gretchen and I were staying in LA for the Fall fashion tradeshows. One night of our stay was sponsored by a showroom we sometimes work for. they paid for us to stay at the chic Standard hotel. this picture is Gretchen standing over the HUGE bathtub.

i tried to convince the concierge to give us the best room and he told us to go to the 7th floor. we walk into the room, and there is a man in his underwear on the phone! Oops!
we laugh and turn around as the concierge comes running up to us. he made a mistake. and he has our real room.
won't we come with him.
he takes us to the top floor. when we open the door we see this incredible bathroom, and she and I wish we were lovers just for the utter romantic possibilites in this place.

after a shower and change we head to Echo Park, to my good friend Zachary Leener's house.
he lives near an asian market where we somehow buy enough groceries for a 6 person dinner party for $20.
we decide to make Pad Thai and we we starving! My friend Nicholas, who i have known since highschool, and then again at art school at MICA in Baltimore now lives in LA with his wife Melody, who was my college roommate. they joined us for dinner.

Everytime i go to LA, i find myself cooking something delicious in this big kitchen in a large 1910's house. It has made my experience of the city that has so many labels, one of comfort and friendship and good food.

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