Sunday, July 29, 2007


It was another lovely summer day: warm enough for white wine outside, cool enough for an arm swept around you, and hungry enough for the biggest sushi in town.
Gathering together friends, we met at 6:30pm at Saburo's in Sellwood, put our name on the list, and passed the time with a bottle of wine down the street. We were all sitting at a table outside, when we heard a little commotion. There was a momma duck and her 4 little tiny baby ducklings keeping close by her side. The patrons of nearby restaurants all stopped eating to try and funnel them down the sidewalk and not into the street.
The little birds scuttled through the mob outside of Saburo's, and hopefully into the park down the street. Tried to get a photo, but it was blurry.

The wait was a little long as usual, but with thoughts of the little ducklings, the wine, and the lovely company, the time passed quickly. We weren't seated until an hour later, but the food was more than worth it. The eel was the length of my whole hand! the yellowtail was so buttery and smooth, and the special rolls were so big we couldn't fit the whole thing into our mouths.

Friday, July 27, 2007

a lunch of my own

For the last 7 months i have spent alot of time getting used to being on my own. Before that i lived with the most wonderful man who always made sure i was eating well and being loved well and all of that. Honestly there was a little while at the beginning of the year when i wasn't eating at all, and considering my love and appreciation of food, it was a unnerving. But then spring blossomed, and now I am full into summer, happily relishing in the bounty that life has to offer my belly.

I made this lunch for myself the other day, of artichoke, grilled zucchini, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and sat on my balcony and listened to the birds singing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Am Northwest

This morning, bright and early i headed over to KATU channel 2 News. I am participating in a sustainable fashion exhibition opening August 2nd at the Art Institute of Portland, and the show AM Northwest was doing a little teaser fashion show.
Shown on the model is the WOW rain jacket from the Fall 2007 Emily Katz line.
it is made from water-resistant micro fleece surplus fabric. Essentially that means that I am using fabric from large companies that would normally end up in a landfill.
stylish and sustainable.

i talked with a few other designers backstage beforehand, and snuck in during the live show to snap these shots.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

secret spring 2008 preview

In addition to loving feasts and friends, I also spend lots of my time making art and designing a sustainable women's clothing line, called Emily Katz. that is me.

this picture is a scan of a new Spring tank top. Silk jersey handpainted with fabric dye.
I used vintage crocheted lace as the stencil.

the rest of my Spring line will be available for boutiques to order from in the next months.
more to come...

New Favorite

In the last 7 months I have gone out to a lot of breakfasts, all across the board, from your simple 2 eggs over medium with crisy bacon and toast, to grand fritattas. But I don't know if I will ever want to eat anything else again after discovering this: my new favorite: eggs Sardou.
this is what it is:
english muffin open, topped with sauteed spinach, WHOLE artichoke hearts, poached eggs, and hollandaise. a few giganticly beautiful slivers of potato nestled next to this beautiful dish. oh man. yum.

I went out with my dearest friend Jeevan, and the conversation was wonderful, between orgasmic moans over the food.

You will find me (and the most amazing chicken and waffles too!) at the Screendoor on 24th and E Burnside, for weekend brunch, with a big smile on my face.

Pancake, autoharp, violin, drums

What a night it was. The first thursday of July spread it's little art walk limbs into the streets, and they beckoned me out.

I set up a booth on 13th and Johnson, where they close off the street and artists and local apparel and jewelry designers set up and sell their wares.
The weather was a little blustery for July, my rack of clothing fell over more than once, smashing hangers and flinging little white embroidered dresses onto the dirty street, but no one was hurt, and I left with some newly earned money in my pocket.

The night progressed into dancing, and lovely people laughing.
I then met up with two dear friends, Scott and Nathan, and we drove back to Scott's house and he made us the most amazing pancake filled with blueberries the size of marbles!

It was the most memorable 3am pancake night i have ever had.

lebanese dinner and new friends

This summer dropped many new things into my little lap. The best of them many new experiences and so many new and absolutely beautiful friends. A love interest brought me into this group of 10 women, all working in their own way on following their dreams, hearts, and bellies.

the love interest now a bit out of the picture, i was happily surprised when one of the ladies invited me to a summer soiree on their balcony in se Portland.
the day was beautifully lazy. sunbathing at the river, reading Pablo Neruda out loud on the beach, and then rushing back to town to change into a dress, have a quick cocktail with a friend, and then off to the party.
I was a litte nervous at first. the boy I liked, well, his ex girlfriend was going to be there. but when i walked into the cozy kitchen, everyone drinking Pastis, and smiling, i felt immediately comfortable.

The Dinner was happening because the ladies of the house were hosting a fantastic nomad artist couple. the husband is Lebanese, and the wife from the Czech Republic.
we feasted on homemade Labneh, flat bread with Zatar, and drank wine until we were all silly and they all asked me to play my autoharp.

you can hear me here:

We lounged on the balcony until 1am, in the still 100 degree heat of summer. I felt taken care of by the world, surrounded by new friends, stuffed!! full of amazing food, a little drunk, and completely where I wanted to be.