Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Korean In NYC

I arrived in Nyc on April 6th. The red eye flight, the early morning cab ride argued with my stomach. A small nap, and then off to a trunkshow at a boutique called Kaight in the lower east side. i sold a fair amount of clothes, and that made the long long day seem a bit better. 

My hostess in Greenpoint is a lovely woman named Eileen who also runs an eco-showroom called Origin 23. 
we met only briefly in LA a few weeks before and she was so gracious to put me up, bring me tea when I was not well, and introduce me to her favorite haunts. 
one of these places was a Korean spa in the shadow of the Empire State Building. 

At 10:30 pm we met her friend Isa at a little market where we bought tall jugs of tea, and then descended into the basement of a tall tall building and into a tiled room where there was a small asian man who took our $30. 

we spent 3 hours scrubbing ourselves, steaming, sauna-ing, and lazily talking about our lives. 
after all of this, we were starving, and they took me to a cheap and delicious 24 hour spot called Dou Wip or Wha Doop or something...the food was more memorable than the name....


isaisa said...

woori jip!

Luxual said...

I love Korean!