Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cannon Beach

we were invited to a weekend at the beach. this is the view from the house. yes, there is haystack rock, made infamous in the cult movie "Goonies"
while a few of us planned and prepared dinner, the rest of the group watched Planet Earth on the tv. here they are watching me for a moment for the picture.

we made sauteed radishes in butter and salt, and lasagne, and one girl made the most delicious tequila shrimp. we had all the ingredients together for the lasagne, zucchini, ricotta, loads of mozzarella cheese and a slow cooked red sauce. the oven was hot, and then it was not.

we decided to improvise and heated up the grill. it worked! we covered the lasagne with tinfoil and put the glass pan on the top shelf of the grill.

here are the shrimp marinating in lime and tequila!

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