Friday, February 29, 2008

Dinner in Vegas

For all the hard parts of having your own clothing line, there are so many benefits. 
One of the most important things to me when thinking about what I want to do with my life, is working on something that enables me to travel. Well, this job does that for me for sure, even if I have to sometimes go places that I don't love. 

I recently was in one of those places. Las Vegas. 
I am not a big fan of this place. I don't like to gamble, it intimidates me. 
Everything is hugely expensive. 
The central air infuses me with a sore throat and the florescent lights give me a headache. 
And I am working at the Tradeshows (Pool this time) from 9-7pm, and for some reason, the real swimming pool closes at 7. weird. 

However, this time I was accompanied by 2 of my favorite girl friends, Anna Korte, who is an amazing jewelry designer:
and Gretchen Jones,, who is secretly brewing a new clothing line and in the meantime handmakes beautiful feathered headbands and combs.

these ladies made the trip bearable. and also the food at Diego, a mexican place in the MGM Grand, where Tracey and Tyler (who run TCF showroom) took us to the first night. 

This restaurant isn't one of the uber fancy celebrity spots, but the food is comforting and good. After a long day of setting  up the show, it was a relief to eat something hot and tasty. 

They make guacamole from scratch at your table, and the appetizers: fried cheese, and empanadas, were delicious. They also bring 3 different salsas (shown) one mild, medium, and hot. On the side of these there are 3 kinds of tasting salt. One was infused with lime, another with cilantro. This reminded me of salts I got for xmas from a local store called The meadow. 

We ate family style, each tasting the Chicken mole, the braised beef tacos OH YUM! and the Carnitas. 

I will go back there again when I am in Vegas, #1 because it is not crazy expensive, and #2 because I can count on a chill night with great food to boost me up before a week of shows. 

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