Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Columbian and the Beach

If you are ever hungry in Astoria and it is before 2pm, and you are in no hurry, you must eat at The Columbian.
The happiest man alive cooks everything behind a counter where you can watch the process.

because he is the only one cooking, you might have to wait. we did for almost 2 hours.

And then they brought us spicy jellies and toast that made my mouth tingle with excitement. You can buy them by the jar too.

Brisa ordered Salmon hash with Sweet potatoes.

Erin ordered Chorizo scramble.

Matt ordered the Mercy! this is amazing!!! our lovely chef makes a surprise special. this was prawns on top of a pesto filled crepe. it was so rich!
My breakfast wasn't very pretty, but also tasted great. I had the Dungness crab omelette. Everything tasted amazing. We might make the trip to Astoria JUST for the brunch. I suggest you do the same.

Matt and I at Cannon beach

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erin said...

a truly wonder new years day!