Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cleanse, that begins and ends in Feasts.

Seven years ago, I began my creative career as an artist/fashion designer. Embroidering whimsical designs on vintage clothing under the label Bonnie Heart Clyde, then creating 4 seasons of my eponymous eco-fashion collections.  But despite all the magazine articles, the rave reviews from countless women who loved my rainjackets, I was deeply craving a life that brought more pleasure and less stress.

So recently, I put down my needle and thread, said goodbye to the faster than light trends, the fickle nature of fashion, and decided to spend more time curating a fantastic and delicious life for myself.

I put the brakes on fashion, intending to return. But in the meantime I worked for one of Portland's restaurant sweethearts Clyde Common as a food runner. I loved this job. After being self employed for 7 years, I never realized how important working with such a wonderful and diverse group of people is.

But now I am embarking on a new adventure. Again, under the supervision of a  super Naturopath, I am 4 weeks into another crazy cleanse. My goal is to live a rich, long, and healthy life. And as much as I hate it, that might mean eliminating many of the foods I love.

The first words he said to me were:

no dairy

no wheat

no sugar

ok. so then what am I going to eat!!!?!?!???

So here is my mission: To come up the with most amazing delectable mouthwatering feasts, that fall into the realm of WHOLE FOOD. I want to write a cookbook, and pulling from my embroidered past, I plan to illustrate the dishes that I prepare, eat, and enjoy.

Bacon from Olympic Provisions, eggs and wild chanterelles, roasted padron peppers, strawberry salad with mint and lemon cucumbers.

the best part about this meal, besides sharing it with the man I love, is that everything we ate came from within 30 miles of home....


Brooke said...

Your beautiful line drawing/sewing caught my eye immediately and made me want to check out your site (thanks #PFB2010!). I am a big fan of Calder--and do line drawing/wire sculptures myself--so I couldn't help but admire your work. But what kept me at your site are your well written words and beautiful artistry.

What an incredible challenge you have before you. Especially since you work in the restaurant business. Quite a feat. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

And here's to you getting into round 2! *Another Vote cast*

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love the mix of art and food! I look forward to reading more in the future. I voted for you! =)

Good luck!

You can check out my PFB post at :

Emily Katz said...

thank you for the kind words! so encouraging and sweet!

CrystalsCozyKitchen said...

Great post - I voted for you! If you'd like to check out my post it's here:

Kristina said...

You've got your work cut out for you, but way to do it with style and prove that everything can be made delicious, no matter the restrictions. That's why I voted for you in PFB. Good luck!

Kristina said...

You sure do have your work cut out for you, but way to do it with style and prove that everything can be delicious, no matter the restrictions, with a little extra thought. That's why I voted for you in PFB. Good luck!

Lick My Spoon said...

what a great story! i love how you are weaving food into your life. what would you call your cookbook when it is published? i look forward to your posts :) you got my vote!
Lick My Spoon