Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Columbian and the Beach

If you are ever hungry in Astoria and it is before 2pm, and you are in no hurry, you must eat at The Columbian.
The happiest man alive cooks everything behind a counter where you can watch the process.

because he is the only one cooking, you might have to wait. we did for almost 2 hours.

And then they brought us spicy jellies and toast that made my mouth tingle with excitement. You can buy them by the jar too.

Brisa ordered Salmon hash with Sweet potatoes.

Erin ordered Chorizo scramble.

Matt ordered the Mercy! this is amazing!!! our lovely chef makes a surprise special. this was prawns on top of a pesto filled crepe. it was so rich!
My breakfast wasn't very pretty, but also tasted great. I had the Dungness crab omelette. Everything tasted amazing. We might make the trip to Astoria JUST for the brunch. I suggest you do the same.

Matt and I at Cannon beach

Thursday, January 17, 2008

starting the new year right

With full bellies and surrounded by friends.
2008 rang like a new bell. a very different bell. Matt and I arrived at Rontoms early to see our friends performing with Nick Jaina sing us some songs into the wee hours. champange toast. Then dancing at Holocene. then he drove us home. I took a bath, and he heated up left over calzone which we ate, in my bed, at 4 am. i don't have any pictures of that, the moment was too sweet.
Someone during the night whispered about Brunch at the Blondes house. the Blondes are three amazing women I have become friends with in the last 6 months. I think we rolled out of bed at 2:30pm and arrived in time for sweet and savory smells to arrest our tired and hungover selves.

the spread! yum. I made 2 giant dishes of German pancake, with pear and cardamon sauce.

Jessica M made individual fritattas for everyone. they were delicious.

we drank amazing bloody mary's and we even had to run to the store to get more mix for seconds...

we stayed until 6:30, and then Matt and I drove to the beach....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sale and Salt

On a chilly night in December, my friends Tracey and Tyler invited me to dinner at their lovely house/showroom on the skirt of Hoyt Arboretum. Tyler is pretty famous among their sales clients for walking into the showroom (true collaborative fashion) with warm homemade cookies and tea. On this night, the oven was broken. Stuck on self clean for a few too many hours. So he had to think fast and improvise.
I wanted to invite my new beau, Matt, but he was at a dance performance, watching his sister. However, because of the oven malfunction, he was able to come and join us.

Also in attendance was Elizabeth, who is a writer, and Sally, who own co-owns the boutique Pin Me Apparel.

Carnitas, homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, cotija cheese, and spicy beans.

OOps, i was going to take a picture of the flourless chocolate cake before I ate into it, but I couldn't help my
I am travelling to Las Vegas with Tracey and Tyler as a sales rep in February to POOL Tradeshow. There is an eco show that we attend called: S(eco)nd. I will also show the Fall 2008 collection of my clothing line. Hopefully Tyler will cook for us then too....