Friday, December 19, 2008

taking stock

There is a first time for everything and I plan on doing more of these firsts. A new favorite was making my first roast. I gathered a handful of friends last minute, with galoshes and baskets for mushroom hunting in the woods, but decided that before we left, we must make a roast and put it in the oven before we headed to the forest.

This made me nervous at first, my landlords wouldn't be happy to find the house burn down, and neither would I. but this seemed more common place in the past, to leave your food baking for long slow hours, and now we rely so much on microwaves (which I have not ever owned and will never), and on fast food, and take out and chips and salsa!

here is the wine/tomato sauce cooking and reducing so flavorfully on the stove before poured over the large chunk of beef..

it was so mouthwateringly delicious, I plan on making another for the holidays this year.

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