Tuesday, November 27, 2007

for the love of a Clyde

I spoke at a panel of Fashion Designers and Creative entreprenuers during fashion week in October, and didn't get a chance to eat anything beforehand. So afterwards, my friend and past sales rep, Tracey Forrest of True Collaborative Fashion Showroom and her husband and business partner, Tyler, and I went to get some warm comfort food at Clyde Commons.

I had never been there before, but i had heard many many things, all of them good.
We walk in and sit down and my nose is greeted by delicious smells, and my eyes are met by the lovely diners.

I don't remember the name of what I ordered, but it satisfied all of my hungers. Toast, and spinach, and hard cheese and poached eggs. perfect hangover food.

shortly after sitting down, and before ordering, I noticed a group of people in the back table that looked familiar. They turned out to be the entourage of Stewart and Brown, a fantastic couple from Southern California that are pioneers in the organic fashion movement. I had met them during fashion week, and fell a little bit in love with them all. I am very grateful for the inspiration that people can unknowingly bring into your life, just by being kind and passionate...

one of the girls in the party, her name is Paris, she ordered this delicious item, and i couldn't help myself, I practically drooled on her plate, it looked so good.

I also ran into Patricia No, who is a fellow blogger : nopatricia.blogspot.com and fantastic fashion maven.

It was pretty much the perfect afternoon.